Duff Spence

Duff Spence


My name is Duff and in my role as CEO/CTO at Lesli Alexander, I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with our clients to identify and create meaningful opportunities for their teams and businesses.

My professional journey spans 20+ years and has included working closely with governments, mining and energy companies, and volunteer organizations. I have held various leadership roles in IT, both in front and within the organizations I have been a part of. I am most proud of the initiatives I have led, designed, and implemented in health care, data communications, cybersecurity, and IT.

In my career so far, I have had the opportunity to work both locally and in the farthest reaches of the world (ask me about being chased by a polar bear in Resolute Bay, NU and/or walking through markets in Mumbai India). Today, I’m excited to be part of a diverse, talented, and caring team of leaders, who prioritize relationships and sustainable impact.

Outside of work my passion is exercise and the outdoors. I have participated in the Death Race in Grande Cache as well as Rock an Ice Race in Yellowknife where you are completing a 50 km trail run at the start of spring where temperatures can range from -35 to -5°C. This is a race that challenges you physically as well as forces you to manage your environment and the safety of yourself and others.

I’m always up for a chat about bits and bytes, trailing running, and how we might use technology to protect and grow your business. So, please make sure to reach out if you think we might be a good fit for each other. My team and I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we might be able to help.

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