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Project or program design and delivery

During the most stressful time in a project, having to request additional budget or time to complete a project is not a position most people want to find themselves in. Sponsor trust can start to deteriorate quickly during these times and have them question your ability to complete the project. With a cloud of doubt hanging in the air, members of the team start to question tasks and activities and soon the project is having additional issues.

By applying a lean and agile design approach to projects or programs, our certified consultants help to identify, categorize, and prioritize the various challenges and opportunities while staying focused on the outcomes or impact we’re trying to create. This allows us as team to create aligned expectations, key success measures, and most importantly adaptive capacity.

Our project managers have worked on projects within a range of industries including healthcare, government, mining, and energy. In terms of scope and effort, we have help manage programs of work from $100,000 to $4 million, which have included navigating different cultures, limited resources, time zone difference, and conflicting interests. Increased service value, improved communications, more efficient processes, and reduced operating costs are just some of the outcomes we have helped create with our clients.

If our project or program design and delivery services sound like something your business might find value in, make sure to connect with us to find out more.

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Cyber security planning and implementation

Receiving a call from a co-worker frantically explaining that people are not able to access time-sensitive and business-critical data because ransomware is on the attack…scary stuff. We want to help protect you and your systems from this threat.

All our client engagements, include gaining a deep and shared understanding of your people, processes, and systems (technology). From there, we can begin to properly assess the risks, scenarios, and considerations when it comes to mitigating any threats.

What’s more, is that we offer and can implement our recommendations in alignment with where you might be in your journey – supporting your team, collaborating with your team, or taking on the activation of any changes.

If our cyber security planning and implementation services sound like something your business data and livelihood might benefit from, please make sure to connect with us to find out more.

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Business and management consulting

As business leaders and managers, we’re in the dance and can sometimes benefit from some advice, guidance, or consulting from people up in the balconies (as you can see, we love our metaphors).

Our business and management consulting team includes professionals who have held C-suite roles in small to large sized organizations. A deep understanding and empathy for leaders and managers, along with a track record of successfully closing the gap between the current state and desired future state, makes us an insightful and trusted advisor.

Whether it’s strategy, finances, processes, or technology, we have the skills and competencies to help your people and business to grow and thrive.

If our business and management consulting services sound like something your business might value and need, please make sure to connect with us to find out more.

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