Meaghan Spence

Meaghan Spence


My name is Meaghan Spence, and in my role as COO at Lesli Alexander, I’m accountable for our Human Resources and Finance operations. This includes developing relationships with existing and potential consultants, as we collaborate to meet the needs of, and create value for, our clients.

As an entrepreneur and leader, I understand the value of managing and resolving issues quickly to meet the business requirements of today and tomorrow. I also understand the gap and tension between getting things done, but not having the capacity or resources. This is the gap we can help close for you and your business.

Meaghan’s passion outside of work is building relationships with local food sources for the family to enjoy. In the five years in Cochrane, she has sourced local farmers for vegetables, beef, lamb and chickens. The quality of the produce and protein local to Cochrane is second to none and provides her family quality meals year-round.

While it may not feel like it some days, this is an exciting time to be building a new business and I personally look forward to being front and centre in the growth of Lesli Alexander, which is connected to helping other grow theirs. So, please reach out to me or others at Lesli Alexander to discuss any challenges or opportunities your business maybe facing. We just might be a great team for moving your business forward!

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