Who we are

Our story

Lesli Alexander Consulting Inc. came to life in the foothills of the Rockies, after our founders got together and identified a human-centred need a more connected, collaborative, and agile consulting services.

After reflecting on our diverse and exciting career journeys that have included leadership and executive roles in government, energy, technology, and non-profit, we decided we could make more of an impact together.

Here we are, a company based in the beautiful Town of Cochrane, bringing together consultants from around the world to provide growing businesses with high-quality offerings in accessible ways.

From the beginning Lesli Alexander is a family business that supports our goals of growing and supporting our children in a community that we love. As our children grow, we understand our responsibility to demonstrate a commitment to community to be able to respond during times of need or when we just need to change our approach in our business.

Our diversly experienced and passionate team is proud to serve both national and international clients, and we would love to learn more about you and your business vision and goals.

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Our approach

While traditionally, consultants have been called in to help during ‘rainy days’, we believe in a more proactive and collaborative way of supporting our clients – one that includes helping to develop adaptive ways of working, regardless of the weather. This can include human-centred work that features futures-thinking innovation, empathetic understanding, and most importantly community.

While the world of business is always challenging, the impacts of the pandemic have been more frequent and intense, requiring more lean and agile ways of working. This is where we shine, and love to collaborate and create with our clients.

While we have been certified by Project Management Institute, ISC2, and possess master’s degree in Business or Leadership we have the ability to apply best practices in project management, cyber security, business and leadership we want to understand you and your specific challenges and apply are skills and learning to each situation with fresh eyes and innovative solutions.

Our approach is to help our clients to identify, make sense of, and prioritize the challenges or opportunities they are facing because not every problem is the same, some are simple, some are complicated, and others are complex and even chaotic. From the beginning our approach is to understand so we can start design and implement the most impactful solutions.

All it takes is a phone call or email to reach out and start the conversation. At Lesli Alexander, we are excited to explore and support your future business success.

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We're here to help

All it takes is simple phone call or email to reach out and start the conversation. We’re excited for our future investing in your future success.